Located in Wantagh, NY, The Mosaic School is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with autism and their families by providing research-based strategies proven to be effective in the education of persons with autism.

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The Mosaic School is pleased to announce a new initiative, designed to increase high quality behavioral services and supports to students (ages 5 through 21) with autism on Long Island.  This new program, called “ABA WORKS!” is offered to parents, school districts and private schools to help students with autism succeed in mainstream environments. 

If you are:

A parent or school district seeking greater behavioral support in a child’s school setting, to improve behaviors, or to increase academic and other skills;

A parent or school district seeking temporary support for a student who is experiencing difficult behaviors that are making his or her current placement inappropriate;

A parent seeking support in the home or community settings to increase a child’s communication, adaptive and/or social skills and abilities or to increase recreational skills and interests; or

Anyone else (parents, teachers, speech language pathologists, administrators) seeking training in the philosophies and application of ABA, to work with students with autism,

Help is available to you from our team of highly experienced clinical professionals.  Our supervising team collectively has more than 25 years experience analyzing behavioral needs and developing programs based upon the science of Applied Behavior Analysis.  Much of our work has been with the burgeoning group of pre-teens and teenagers with autism, many of whom develop unique behavior problems as they grow into adolescence.  We have implemented those programs and provided ongoing support in private schools, public schools, after-school programs, and home and community settings with great success. At ABA WORKS!, we strongly believe that a successful ABA program emphasizes coordination of behavioral demands across all settings – we work hard to ensure that consistent demands and consequences are in place in school, at home and in the community.  This is certainly one of the keys to our success in working with a range of school-age students with autism.  Each of our behavior therapists is highly trained and is experienced in applying behavior programs in a multitude of settings.

Please call us at (516) 765-3697 if we can assist your child or student with their behavioral needs.

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